Calm Intuition Collection, NV Gallery
February 2024

Calm Intuition Collection, NV Gallery


French design and modern interior furniture brand NV Gallery did a photo shoot in one of our Parisian Places to present its new "Calm Intuition" collection of furniture and home accessories.

It was in an architect's house from the 60s, surrounded by trees, that the brand decided to shoot this "Calm Intuition" collection of home furnishings, offering chic, elegant designer furniture with clean, simple lines.

The Place

To present its new 'Calm Intuition' furniture collection, NV Gallery has chosen a magnificent 1960s architect-designed single-storey house in the Paris region. This 170m² setting offers a vintage and Scandinavian atmosphere.

Set in an art deco building, this duplex loft flat combines a bohemian, designer feel with a touch of Parisian chic.

Ref. 0850

Beautiful 60's style house in the middle of the woods

40km North from Paris
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