About us

After many years of mutual collaboration in the location scouting business, Julia, Arthur, Balthazar and Franck have created The Place to See. The brand new agency with a 20 years experience.
Dynamic and open-minded, they perfectly know the productions and owners needs and expectations.

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Our Team

From the search to the contractualisation, our team follows your project and is at your disposal to help you work in our Places with a complete peace of mind.



The Boss

CFO for 10 years, she also have a solid business experience in film shoots and photo shoots. There is no secret for her regarding all the aspects of this profession for the clients and owners needs.
/ 01 70 32 18 71


The Light

He photographed thousands of houses, castles, apartments, unusual locations etc... If you own a Place To See, il will show it on the brightest light.
/ 07 69 00 86 97


The Brain

20 years in the location scouting business. He understands the logic and the needs of the audiovisual production companies et will be at your service to find your Place To See.
/ 01 70 32 18 73


The Link

Sales representative for 15 years, he knows perfectly the owners and the professionnals of this industry. Responsive and attentive, he will be the link between the owner and the production.
/ 01 70 32 18 72

Contact us at 01 70 32 18 70