publicite louis vuitton nano speaker
February 2024

Louis Vuitton, LV Nanogram loudspeaker


French fashion house Louise Vuitton has chosen one of our Places - a sleek Parisian flat - to present its brand new LV Nanogram loudspeaker, its new on-the-go fashion accessory with a silhouette resembling a spinning top.

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campagne louis vuitton fevrier 2024

The Place

Louis Vuitton set down its iconic trunks in a chic, elegant Parisian flat in the Bastille district to produce an ad presenting its latest fashion accessory: the LV Nanogram speaker.

The 150m² Haussmann-style apartment has been completely refurbished and boasts a number of rooms, each more streamlined and luminous than the last, as well as stylish interior furnishings and home accessories.

Ref. 0021

Parisian apartment with clean lines

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