Michou - Video School RP IRL 2
January 2024

Michou - Video School RP IRL 2

Youtube video

French content creator Michou shot one of his videos, available on the Youtube platform, in one of our Places: an English-language university campus south of Paris.

In this video, Michou shoots the second episode of the School RP project (a GTA V server), where content creators go back to school to get a degree. Streamer Michou's video features other content creators such as Inoxtag, Lebouseuh and Alizée.

The Place

An English-style university campus was chosen to film the second episode of School RP, by Michou.

The campus, with its classic and contemporary architecture, has a number of settings that are ideal for both indoor and outdoor activities.

The outdoor area covers several hundred thousand square metres and includes a number of buildings and sports fields, including a football pitch, basketball court and athletics track.

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English style campus

20km South from Paris
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